About Minister Licensing and Ordination

New Life Ministries has an association of churches and a ministers' association which licenses and ordains pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and anyone in the ministry.

About Minister Licensing

We set forth a license certificate for newly called or beginning ministers. The donation for this process is $50.00 US dollars. These certificates are for one year, with renewal upon request based on ministry activity, yearly reports, and yearly donation.

About Minister Ordination

We set forth a certificate of ordination. The donation for this process is $50.00 US dollars. These certificates are for a lifetime subject to ministry bylaws. This would be for those ministers coming to us from other organizations, or ministers that have been licensed with us and have reached the time to be ordained. However, we ask for a yearly donation to our organization along with your yearly report to keep your license in active state.

Application Forms and Process

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Yearly Reports

Ministers are required to complete and send in a yearly report concerning their ministry for them to remain active.

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Contact Us

Contact us for information about our program.

Our phone number is 276-730-0704. Our office hours are from 10:00 to 6:00 EST. Our fax number is 276-730-0705.

Our email address is ministry@nlcm.net.

Our address is: PO Box 1268, Hillsville, VA 24343

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