About New Life Bible College and Seminary's Programs

New Life Bible College and Seminary offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in Bible Knowledge, in Christian Counseling, Christian Education, and Chaplaincy. It also has an extension college program in which the college helps to start colleges around the world. We presently have over 40 colleges in 20 different countries.

New Life Bible College and Seminary has a unique program which combines distance learning, textbooks, Bible studies, questions, writing themes, online courses, as well as ministry experiences. It offers an online tract in addition to a hard copy book centered tract for each degree that students can choose from. The online tract is especially helpful to overseas students. We have students from several countries enrolled. The courses are Bible based not concentrating on church history or doctrine but on the power of the Holy Spirit and the life changing power of God's Word. There are courses to deepen your faith, strengthen your walk in God, as well as courses that will empower you in your service for God.

The Biblical Knowledge program centers on God's Word. The purpose of the program is to empower last day's workers for laboring for the Lord. For details click on the link to the catalog on the left.

The Counseling program is in conjunction with the National Christian Counselors Association. This is one of the largest Christian Counseling Associations in the world. They have a Bible based counseling program. For details click on the link to the catalog on the left.

The Christian Education program is now available to students interested in teaching in Christian schools. It is in conjunction with our teacher certification program. For details click on the link to the catalog on the left.

The Chaplaincy program is designed to enable workers in the kingdom of God to be well equipped in whatever area in which they are chaplains.

The college will be of interest for those involved in any aspect of the ministry as well as those who are interested in increasing their knowledge of God's Word. If you have any questions, please contact the college offices.

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  • Note To Overseas Students

    Important Note: New Life does not invite overseas students to come to the US campus for any reason including graduation. We do not have any type of on-campus programs for overseas students.

    Extension College Program

    Our goal is to help you to be able to equip your workers with the Word of God and enable them to earn an accredited degree in the process. Your church or ministry will have an extension of New Life Bible College right at your location to train your workers. New Life Bible College and Seminary will help you set up the classes. You will function under our umbrella.

    New Life Bible College and Seminary will help in enrolling students, keep all records, issue diplomas, keep permanent transcripts, and take care of all transfers to and from the program from the time of their enrollment and in the future. Your satellite program will teach the courses, grade the work, and do any direct correspondence with the students. Students will be considered graduates from New Life Bible College and Seminary with their degree also stating your satellite program’s name. The local congregation or ministry where the satellite college is located will have the oversight of the college in their building or community. New Life Bible College and Seminary will advise you and become a team with your church or ministry.

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    If you have always had a vision of starting a Bible College, we would like to join with you in helping you to make that vision--- a reality.

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    Our phone number is 276-730-0706. Our office hours are from 10:00 to 6:00 EST. Our fax number is 276-730-0705.

    Our email address is college@nlcm.net.

    Our address is: PO Box 1268, Hillsville, VA 24343

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